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If you’re interested in Dianabol than you’re more than likely going to be interested in Dianabol reviews; after all, quality Dianabol reviews will often lead you to the best products and inform you on how best to supplement with the steroid. While quality Dianabol reviews most certainly exist, when looking for them there is a prevailing problem you’ll often come across; while there are many quality reviews the vast majority are a filthy pile of lies. The reason for this problem is simply due to the manner in-which anabolic androgenic steroids exist in public perception. The reviews of many steroids are often so tainted with emotional bias that half-truths and myths are often portrayed as facts leaving the reader with anything but the truth. Let’s be clear, there are negative aspects to anabolic steroid use; there can be possible adverse reactions that occur due to use but to simply state such a claim without issuing statements revolving around prevention and probability is irresponsible at best.

As you make your search for quality Dianabol reviews and as this is a very popular and effective steroid many of you will, you’ll find a check list of information in-which you need to go by. Quality reviews will at least briefly discuss the hormone, what it is and how it functions; no one is expecting for the review to include a full-blown steroidal profile but a general explanation is warranted. Of course you’ll need to know beforehand what this information should be and once you do any information that skews from this foundation will be a warning sign and lead you to know this particular review is not worth your time.

The Foundation of all Dianabol Reviews:

The foundation of all Dianabol reviews will be based on general information regarding this particular steroidal compound. Such information will describe the hormone, how it performs in the body in both a negative and positive sense and may even touch on the history of the compound; while beneficial in-terms of an educational sense we will not make history an absolute requirement. Such foundational information includes:

  • Dianabol is the most common trade name that refers to the potent anabolic androgenic steroid Methandrostenolone. Commonly Dianabol is referred to simply as “Dbol.”
  • Dianabol is one of the few anabolic steroids that was initially created for the specific purpose of performance enhancement. Originally the hormone was produced by Ciba Pharmaceuticals under the creation and design of U.S. Olympic Team doctor John Zeigler.
  • As by the nature of its existence Dianabol is an oral steroid of the C17-aa class. As a C17-aa steroid Dbol is toxic to the liver; use will increase liver enzyme levels but in healthy men they will almost always return to normal once use is discontinued. While unfortunate, true Dianabol must be of a C17-aa nature in-order for the hormone to survive oral ingestion.
  • By its nature Dbol can greatly and rapidly promote increases in both size and strength; although the total of both, especially size will largely be dependent on total calories consumed when the hormone is being used.
  • As an oral steroid Dbol carries a half-life of approximately 5 hours. This is a very short half-life and makes daily administration necessary with multiple small doses throughout the day being optimal.
  • Highly anabolic with moderate androgenic characteristics Dianabol will also aromatize quite substantially.
  • Common side-effects due to use include: - Gynecomastia - High Blood Pressure - Excess Water Retention - High Cholesterol While all of these side-effects are possible each is avoidable by controlling estrogen, supplementing responsibly and living a healthy lifestyle.
  • By its nature Dbol greatly increases glycogenolysis enabling the body to utilize the carbohydrates consumed.

Any of the many Dianabol reviews that exist outside these foundational principles you will find to be a waste of your time. For example, if a particular review says the hormone can cause heart attacks or cancer it is worthless; there is no proof of such effects, in-fact, there has never once been a recorded death due to Dianabol use. If you find Dianabol reviews that state there is no medical evidence to support the hormone actually increasing muscle mass substantially and you will find them, then that review is worthless; over 50 years of proof in the living flesh proves otherwise. There are countless other examples we can give you but you should be getting the idea.


As you survey the many Dianabol reviews, as you’ll find many written with emotional bias held by those of a strong anti-steroid nature there is a common problem that exist on the other side of the fence. Many various underground labs write and publish their own reviews all over the internet; you can find Dianabol reviews for most any brand ever created and often these reviews are written by the manufacturer themselves. It doesn’t take a genius to see how this might be a problem. The reason this can be a problem is rather simple; while there are some very good underground labs out there who make outstanding products the vast majority simply do not. Of course sometimes Dianabol reviews of this nature can be hard to spot but if a review is strongly pushing one and only one UG line of Dbol there’s a pretty good chance you’ve found one; granted, it may be a good product but your best and most valuable Dianabol reviews will always be written by independent and impartial people.