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Winstrol Tablets

Winstrol tablets are a popular form of the anabolic steroid known as Stanozolol; a potent Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid of immense popularity. Very popular among performance athletes in almost all sports its popularity is even larger among the millions upon millions of avid gym rats the world over. Of course you might think that’s an overstatement, hardly; in the U.S. alone over six-million American adults supplement with anabolic steroids for the purpose of performance enhancement and as Winstrol tablets are of a mild and generally of a tolerable nature you better believe millions are supplementing with them. To give you some understanding as to why so many supplement let’s take a look at Winstrol tablets and see what we can unveil.

Winstrol Tablets 101:

A DHT based anabolic steroid, Winstrol tablets belong to the C17-aa class of anabolic steroids as well. The C17-aa classification refers to a structural change of the hormone at the 17th carbon position that is necessary to allow the hormones survival; without this structural change the hormone would be destroyed by the liver. While necessary this structural change makes C17-aa steroids rather liver toxic; in the case of Winstrol tablets we have one of the most toxic of all. However do not let your heart be troubled yet; remember, even Tylenol is toxic to the liver and we must think in relative, realistic and responsible terms. The truth is simple; the liver possess amazing rejuvenation abilities and with responsible use, although liver enzyme levels will increase during use they will return to normal very quickly once use is discontinued; again, assuming use is of a responsible nature. If that’s not enough to ease your mind regular alcohol consumption of a heavy nature is far more toxic to the liver than Winstrol tablets and it’s safe to say a lot of you don’t think twice about it.

Beyond its DHT and C17-aa nature Winstrol tablets carry an active half-life of approximately 9 hours making daily administration necessary if we are to maintain stable levels of the Stanozolol hormone. When we do the hormone will perform in a highly anabolic manner with very low androgenic activity. By its function Winstrol tablets greatly increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, increase protein synthesis and dramatically lower SHBG allowing more free-testosterone to be used by the body.

When to Supplement with Winstrol Tablets:

By its nature Winstrol tablets are not powerful mass builders; in-fact, they will do very little to promote significant growth. However, some growth can be obtained, largely due to the lower SHBG factor and by the manner in-which Stanozolol creates synergy with other anabolic steroids being used. Further, as this steroid does not aromatize at all any weight gained due to use will be that of pure lean muscle tissue; it simply won’t be much and as it is so toxic to the liver use is best served for other purposes as other options are more efficient for bulking.

Without question the two best times to supplement with Winstrol tablets is during a cutting cycle or a cycle designed to enhance overall athletic performance. To begin, Winstrol tablets will promote an increase in strength, as an athlete that is the name of the game; stronger and faster. It will not take a lot of this hormone to achieve this; most men will find doses of 25mg-50mg every other day to be all they need with most women only needing 10mg every other day.

While enhancing athletic performance is a good use for this steroid it remains cutting cycles are the most common point of use as the majority of performance enhancers are enhancing simply to build a better physique. During a cutting cycle one will necessarily be consuming a restricted amount of calories in-order to burn fat. As calories are restricted losses of lean tissue and strength are sure to occur. Through supplemental use of the Stanozolol hormone we are able to preserve a great deal of our lean tissue and strength, thereby further enhancing our overall metabolic rate and burning even more fat. Moreover, by the manner in-which the hormone exist, when lean enough we will display a much harder and well-defined physique and for a physique minded individual there is not much more you can ask for. For this purpose most men will find a dose of 50mg every day to be more than sufficient with most women again only needing 10mg every other day, with daily doses being tolerated well in some specific cases.

The End Game:

Whatever your purpose of use may be you’ll find Winstrol tablets to meet your needs and effectively so. Generally you’ll find the steroid to come in both 10mg and 50mg forms but you’ll also commonly find it available in a water base injectable solution known as Winstrol Depot. If you find the Deport version available to you nothing changes regarding what we have discussed here; it is the same DHT based Stanozolol hormone, it performs identically to Winstrol tablets and like the tablets is also a C17-aa anabolic steroid. In either case and for any purpose it is important to remember responsible use will always be your best friend.