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Dianabol Steroids

Of the hundreds of anabolic steroids available or ever made very few are held in such high regard as that of Dianabol steroids. One of the most popular oral steroids of all time; one of the most popular steroids of any form for that matter, Dianabol steroids have for decades been a primary staple in many peoples stacks. There’s a few very good reason so many people enjoy using this particular oral; they work phenomenally as it pertains to adding strength and size and they work fast, very fast. As many forms of anabolic steroids have come and gone over the years; they come out, have some popularity but eventually fade away; the fact that Dianabol steroids are the first oral anabolic steroid ever produced and remain popular today should alone give you an idea of the power and quality of this oral anabolic.

Dianabol Steroids – The Beginning:

Many anabolic steroids are first developed with a medical purpose in mind but this is not so here at all. In 1956 Ciba Pharmaceuticals began production of the first Dianabol steroids thanks to the work of Doctor John Zeigler, a physician for the U.S. Olympic Teams. The goal was to provide an advantage over the Soviet Union whose athletes were already using the anabolic steroid testosterone. While the initial goal was for this purpose the purpose very rapidly grew and found its way into every sport imaginable. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has been quoted many times stating Dianabol steroids were a major part of his supplementation, as they were a host of athletes from the era; make no mistake, athletes still use them, just not openly.

Specifics of Dianabol Steroids?

While often referred to as “Dianabol” or “Dbol” the drug is actually what is known as methandrostenolone. As is common with any drug, whoever makes it first usually carries the most common name in association; that’s what we have here; Dianabol is only a trade name, a brand/label, not the actual drug. Does it matter; no not really but it’s good to know what’s supposed to be in your little pill and in this case it’s the 17aa methandrostenolone steroid. More importantly to most, Dianabol steroids are extremely efficient at what they do; powerful and effective and generally well tolerated, they can often be used side-effect free.

What to Expect from Dianabol Steroids:

If there’s anything Dianabol steroids are most well-known for it is in their ability to promote strength and size and they do a fantastic job of it. It is not uncommon to hear of individuals gaining 10 or even 20 pounds in a mere few weeks from use, as well as have a much fuller looking physique. This brings us to an important note; true, Dianabol steroids are a great choice for a bulking cycle but contrary to belief they can be used effectively and efficiently in a cutting cycle is well. It’s all about knowing how to eat and many individuals in the bodybuilding world make fine use of Dianabol steroids during the contest season.

Dianabol Steroids – Side-Effects:

Many men who use Dianabol steroids will find they tolerate them fairly well; however, there are side-effects we must be aware of as they can possibly occur. The most common side-effects associated with Dianabol steroids include and are not limited to:

Of the three most common side-effects high blood pressure is going to be the most common and in some cases very dose dependent. If you already suffer from high blood pressure you should avoid use until it is under control; otherwise you are free to use but you’ll need to keep an eye on things to ensure no problems arise. Further, we strongly recommend you stack your Dbol with testosterone; using Dbol alone is going to suppress your natural testosterone and without supplementing with exogenous use you’re not going to have any floating around.

The End Game:

One of the most basics around it remains true; although basic, Dianabol steroids are some of the best you’ll ever find. Milligram for milligram they are not only some of the most effective and efficient at what they do but when we calculate the price you’ll pay the deal gets even better; that’s right, Dianabol steroids are normally fairly cheap. If you’re not convinced of the greatness of Dianabol steroids consider what we spoke of earlier; they were the first oral steroid ever created; for over 50 years they have remained in circulation and have been used perhaps more than any other steroid besides testosterone on earth. Many other anabolic steroid compounds have come and gone in that same time span, yet Dianabol remains.